Did Your Listing Expire?

Has your listing expired? Before you relist with your current agent or another agent answer these questions and then consider listing your home with us.

  1. Did your agent give you a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) and area pricing and trend analysis when you listed your property?
  2. Did your agent give you an updated CMA and trend analysis once a month during the listing period?
  3. Did your agent do a walk through of you houses and make recommended fixes or changes you should make?
  4. Did your agent recommend taking you to other houses listed in your area at the time you listed your houses with them.
  5. Did your agent contact (email and/or call) every week with an activity report and status update?
  6. Did your agent send you new listings and listed home status changes in your neighborhood at least once a week so you knew what competing houses were selling for?
  7. Did your agent have a written marketing plan for your house?
  8. Did your agent have at least 8 pictures of your property in the MLS listing?
  9. Did your agent have a floor plan of your house as one of the pictures in the MLS listing?
  10. Did your agent do a mix of advertising on your houses?

If your agent did not do most of these you should consider another agent.
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